Friday, November 19, 2010

Popeye Reviews Splipping Spiddlers

Campfire Songs for Monsters
Written by Kelly DiPucchio and illustrated by Gris Grimly
Scholastic Press (May 2008)
Ages 9-12

Diz heer is Popeye an i jes kongradulated frum skool (yu kan se my pichur beelo). My peeples sez im soo smart i kud prolly lern to reed an soo i red me a buk i wont too tel yu abowt. Itz colled Splipping Spiddlers Threw An Strawl by Kelly DiPucchio and Gris Grimly (woo i thunk muzt ble a dawg becuz he maks growly fun pichurs).

Heer iz me reedeeng da buk.

Da buk iz abowt funni monster songs lik Home on the Strange an Creepy Creepy Little Jar. But my flaborite iz Clap Your Paws (if yur skary an yu no id).

Da pichurs by Gris Grimly iz extry spesel kreepy an funnly too. My peeples sez he iz uh geanus.

I laf so hard wen my peeples I reed da buk, I thunk everlybudy shud git it for Kristlemas an Honnikerh prezentz too gif everlybudy.

My peeples sez itz wun uv har flaveritz buks uv oll tim.

Heer iz me getteeng kongradulated.

Soo ok, go ged da buk.

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Toby Speed said...

Jez turrific! Tanxalot!