Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bling Reviews Three Times Lucky

Three Times Lucky
by Sheila Turnage
Dial (May 2012)
Ages 10 and up

Reviewed by Blingin' My Game

"Three Times Lucky" by Sheila Turnage is about a girl named Moses Lobeau (they call her Mo for short) who was just a baby when a hurricane hit North Carolina and she was separated from her mother. During the hurricane, she was found by a man (the Colonel) who kept Mo and eventually married Miss Lana. It’s now eleven years later and Mo and her best friend, Dale, are working at a cafe when they hear about a murder. They decide to put their business, Desparado Detectives, up to the big test of solving the case.

When Joe Starr, an official detective, comes to town to solve the murder, Mo doesn't like him. Neither does Dale, who just doesn't like any teacher or law official. Starr brings along his partner, Deputy Marla, which turns out to be not such a great idea. Murder is bad enough, but Mo and Dale are not prepared an unexpected kidnapping and every other twisted detail that will leave you wanting more.

I liked the point of view of the story, which is told by Mo. I felt like I was in her place and could imagine what was going through her head the whole time. It was written in a way that was mysterious and a little scary at times, making me think, "Whoa, what if this happened to me?"

I feel this book would be great for middle schoolers because they could relate to the main character, Mo, who is around a middle-schooler's age. When I was reading the book, I couldn't stop reading! I would read this book at school and every time I had to stop, it would leave me wanting more. It’s one great story.

I give "Three Times Lucky" 3 thumbs up!


Barbara O'Connor said...

Great review! I enjoyed this book, too. I like that you told how you related to the character and her feelings. 3 thumbs up for your review. :-)

Stephanie Barbe Hammer said...

I really dug this review. It made me see the characters and feel very curious to know what happens! In other words, you told us just enough but not too much about the story. I am an oldish adult, but I totally want to read this book now. That's what a good review does -- makes you curious and makes you want to read what the reviewer is talking about. Thank you very much.